Smart Uses For Google Drive & Docs.

Multiple Accounts Support

This is a app that makes it possible for you to easily manage multiple Google and Google Apps accounts. RocketDocs enables you to easily switch between them, making your work easier and faster. If you are looking for a way to increase your productivity, this is the best app that will meet your needs.

Launch As A Separate Mac OS X Application

RocketDocs has a own window for you to work with Google Drive and Docs. This is a great way of concentrating on your work. Your attention will no longer be distracted. Concentrating on what you are doing enables you to share documents that are free of errors.

Improved Interface

Creating new documents is as easy as opening a new tab in a web browser. To create the document, you only need to select ⌘-T or ⌘-N.

One-click Upload

Are you looking for a faster way of uploading documents to Google Drive? If so, then this is the RocketDocs to consider. Through the menu bar or Dock, it allows you to upload your files with a few mouse clicks.

Rapid Access To Your Documents

Enjoy advanced features, such as Mac OS Integration, full screen support, Click and Drag support and rapid access to your recent documents.